Lapwings Way.

Barren land birds
tumble and play,
with wild display
and peewit cries
this summers day.

From the drawings to the finished piece.

This year the lapwings that live on the moor near me are gone. Some fool ran his car into the dew pond* they nest near and it has dried up. I hope they have moved further from the road, into the bog, but I am reluctant to find out in case I disturb them.

The birds are freehand embroidery, about 1 or 2 cm across. I don’t draw on the fabric, just stitch and hope they turn out ok.

I struggled with the words, putting the work aside for a couple of weeks until I had them worked out. They are hand stitched too.

These birds love open ground, farmland, moorland and the sea shore. They fall from the sky in amazing displays above their mates, their call is ‘peewit’ (another name they go by) and their wing beats make a thrumming sound (hence lapwing).

I hope you like this work!

*dew pond is a man made pond, clay, stones and straw layers that fill from a spring or from dew or rain water, they are an old water management tool up on the open moor of Dartmoor.

(IMAGE: progress shots of an embroidered picture of 4 tiny birds)