Hawthorn Promise

Freehand embroidery.
From idea to finish. It always starts with observation and drawing, progressing on to the fully formed idea (which can morph as I work on it).
The berries are Braille, adding a layer of inaccessibility to what is essentially a visual art.

(IMAGE: progress shots of an embroidered picture. Showing a thorn tree in black thread against a green background with a small appliquéd patch with the words ‘hawthorn promise’ underneath it. Across the tree are bright red embroidery knot ‘berries’ that read in Braille ‘green all summer, bare all winter, yet every season sees your blushes’ - hawthorns white flowers have a pink centre and bloom as spring turns to summer, the red berries feed the birds all through autumn and into the winter. )

Pastures promise. Freehand embroidery onto ticking fabric with a Braille message in French knots.

This has taken ages to finish, the gold was such hard work! Single strand embroidery is slow too, bit I think I just needed to step away from the work, so I could be sure of it.

I think it’s just as I wanted now.

The Braille can be read by those that we usually exclude from visual arts. It’s an ode to good grass fields and old fashioned farming.

(IMAGE: progress shots of an embroidery, showing five grass stems, (four in black, one in gold) and the words ‘pastures promise’ below them. Above the grasses lines of Braille embroidery knots read ‘look after me well and you shall feast all year’)